Currently our paper production is based on the latest technologies that are constantly being improved.


The industry in the location of Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o. dates back to the eighteenth century. A brickyard was closed in 1924 and in 1925 the first paper machine producing cardboard was built. During World War II, the paper factory was completely destroyed, and after its reconstruction it resumed production in 1948 producing a multi-layered cardboard and since 1950 also the newsprint paper.

1960 was a time when the factory changed the profile to decorative paper, as it turned out it was a change that decided the future fate of the company. International consortium KRONOSPAN that specializes in the production of laminated boards with the use of decorative paper purchased the paper mill in 1992. Since then the company using KRONO Group technical and technological facilities has implemented the development program for the production 

of decorative papers, creating product of the highest standards. Over several years the company has invested in five paper machines, three in Poznań and two in Rudawa.

Currently our paper production is based on the latest technologies that are constantly being improved. Global quality of the product is brought by modern machinery park equipped with high quality measurement and control gear, providing automation of the production process and full quality control of finished products.

Our team of specialists using those assets and development potential of new technologies, boldly reaches the leadership position in the industry.


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